What Will Happen In The Last Days, Doomsday Theories

What Will Happen In The Last Days, Doomsday Theories
This Isn’t What Will Happen In The Last Days

Many people were not bothered by it prior to 21 December 2012, and it’s certainly not bothering anyone now.  Some people always believed it to be a myth. Even Mayanist scholars tried to tell us that their was no threat, it was just the end of their calendar.

And still others turned to the next prediction hoping to find the true prophet or set of calculations that would truely forcast our doom. So now we know that 21 December 2012 was a myth.

Even though the  myth of 2012 was not the end of time, it is not the end of predictions that claim to be the end of time. According to Jeane Dixon, Armageddon will be in 2020 and F. Kenton Beshore says the rapture will occur at the latest in 2021.

It’s unbelievable the number of predictions that have passed leaving the world unscathed.  It’s like the definition of insanity, hoping to get new results from doing the same thing over and over again.  If you consider any doomsday theory you should examine the source. Is it from a religious, metaphysical or scientific view. It’s also ironic to think that someday the end could happen and nobody predicted it.

Keeping in mind the lack of trust developed by now, what would be the best course of action?

  • Continue searching for the next doomsday theory
  • live day to day as though their was never any threat
  • prepare for any disaster

Continuing  to wonder just when the end will come seems ridiculous, just as living day to day as if nothing will happen. Life has no certainties and total preparation can be a joke if you catch a bullet or get hit by a train. 

Theirs got to be a moderate existence between the extreme survivalist and the guy who thinks the government will take care of him when the wind blows or the earth shakes. Are you willing to punch 800-621-fema into your cell phone and wait for the results. That’s if the cell towers are even up and communicating.

Best to be somewhat prepared with 72 Hour Kits and basic necessities such as blankets and water. Develope or aquire a list and add to it as money and time permits. 

Each different crisis requires different supplies, materials and provisions. Consider this. Your loaded with supplies and your neighbor has none. Now your stuff has less life or less time to provide for you and your family. Surely you would share?