To Be Or Not To Be Prepared

Hurricane sandy   Thu Mar 14 08:37:49 -0500 2013

Wisdom From Hurricane Sandy

Many of us know what Facebook is like. Make a comment, display a picture and everyone puts in their two bits,right? My wife’s family gets a little weird sometimes.

Especially regarding conservative values. So when the topic of self sufficiency and being prepared for calamities comes up, you would (I would, didn’t mean to put words in your mouth) naturally take a quick mental assessment and think about how ready you (me) were. Well, not them.

Hoarding, An Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

If you hoard provisions your not leaving the outcome to God who will provide. Unbelievable!

What happened to the faith without works deal? Who’s going to be begging for help in a crisis? My relatives. Danger, danger.

Well, a man referred to as Elder Holmes related this wisdom he supposedly learned from Hurricane Sandy. When you read this it puts a whole new light on preparation. Read it here, or follow the link below.

If You’re Prepared It’s Someone Else’s Panic

Number 46: Elder Holmes says, and I quote, ” There was a strange peace to knowing all I had to do each day was keep my family safe, warm , and fed, but my peace was someone else’s panic.”

Number 47: One of Elder Holmes’ final thoughts. “Heavenly Father is in charge.”