Survival Straps

f_11362762630_survival.jpgSTEP 8 – Back Braid Move Four

Find a place on the braid where the A cord runs through, poke a hemostat clamp through, grasp the loose end of the A cord, clamp the hemostat closed and pull through.

Repeat the back braiding process a few times more until the handle is securely attached to the leash.

STEP 9 – Finishing The Handle Loop

You now have the loose ends that must be finished. Cut the cords off, fairly close to the braid.The ends can now be melted with the wood burning tool that has been preheated. Run the hot wood burning tool in a sweeping motion over the cord ends until they are melted against the same coloured cord lying below it.

Paracord is an excellent material to make dog leashes from. It is light weight, durable and can be washed if it gets dirty. This tutorial will show you how to make a paracord dog leash using the four strand flat braid technique.

To continue braiding, repeat the above steps as illustrated above.

Agility Tabs are a “mini” leash that is used for training a dog for running an agility course. They are primarily used during the early stages of off lead work, when the handler needs a little handle to quickly grab their dog to get it back on course.

This tutorial will show you how to make an agility training tab using a four strand braid method and then finishing the tab with a terminal turk’s head knot.

Tools And Supplies

Tools that you will need are; scissors, a C-clamp, hemostat clamps, a wood burning tool, paracord and a small leash snap. If you don’t have a wood burning tool, a lighter to melt the cord ends will suffice.

Paracord will shrink when it gets wet, so it is VERY IMPORTANT that you preshrink the cord before you start to braid.
If you don’t, the first time that you walk your dog in the rain, your leash will get all misshapen and lumpy.To preshrink the cord, soak it in hot water for about five minutes and then hang it to dry. You can toss it in a pillow case, knot it closed and dry it in the dryer as well, it’s your choice.

I am making an eight inch agility tab To determine how much paracord that you will need, break down the length of your project into inches and multiply by four. 8″ X 4 = 32″ so I will need 2 separate paracord strands that are EACH 32″ long

STEP 1 – Arranging The Cords

Pull all the cords tightly so that the knot appears even.

STEP 7 – Finishing The Turk’s Head Knot

All the cords are now poking through the top of the turk’s head knot. Trim the loose cords very close to the top of the knot. Gently melt the cord ends with the wood burning tool in a sweeping motion until they are flush with the top of the knot.

Your agility leash is now finished and ready to be used for your next training class!

In our quest to find the best gear for our two Shiba Inu’s, I had stumbled across ParaCord Dog Leashes several years ago after reading a Blog from ParaCord expert Stormdrane.