Number One Best Way To Survive Walking On The Ice

I’m a septuagenarian so I’ve lived through some icy weather in the Great Northwest. I’ve witnessed numerous injuries and have been surprised  at how quickly the circumstances arise that result in these injuries. If you’re going to stay on your feet I highly recommend shoe  chains or spikes. I got my wife a set for a stocking stuffer this last year. Unbelievable traction is gained with just a little slip on device.

A few years age I slipped on an icy hose that got left across the yard and covered by some snow and ice. I went down in a flash. My ribs landed on a split piece of wood next to the wood pile. Two very distinct snaps occured. I got up and went to my shop where I’d been wrenching on my truck installing some new idler arms. I couldn’t pull the wrench.  In this instance I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to tuck and roll, but you could greatly reduce injury in some falls if you consider and train for a good tuck and roll. Watch this video: