Do You Have A Long Term Food Storage List?

Discover the 37 items that will fly off the shelf first when a crisis developes
37 Food Items Sold Out After Crisis

Start with the long term food storage list. These lists are all over the internet.  Begin to fill the list as soon as possible. As the world turns it changes and change is not always good. It’s even out of our control in most cases.

Another Entrepreneur Disappears Because of Big Government   

There may not be many 5 gallon gas cans on the shelf. It all trickles down. Those that built the gas cans are now unemployed. What will be on their shelf to eat.

The other night my wife and I watched John Stossel describe what depicted a story right out of Atlas Shrugged. John showed this video:

Who is the Face of Lawsuit Abuse? The Blitz USA Plant in Miami, OK

Who are the faces of lawsuit abuse? They’re the people who have lost their jobs because of run away lawsuits that can cripple state economies and that take a…

Jeffrey Tucker caught the vision when he posted:

I’m pretty alert to such problems these days. Soap doesn’t work. Toilets don’t flush. Clothes washers don’t clean. Light bulbs don’t illuminate. Refrigerators break too soon. Paint discolors. Lawnmowers have to be hacked. It’s all caused by idiotic government regulations that are wrecking our lives one consumer product at a time, all in ways we hardly notice.

It’s like the barbarian invasions that wrecked Rome, taking away the gains we’ve made in bettering our lives. It’s the bureaucrats’ way of reminding market producers and consumers who is in charge.

This is all Atlas Shrugged revisited.

Are you an Atlas Shrugged fan? Well I am. A movie well worth seeing. Every day the news confirms Ayn Rand had incredible insight.

All three episodes  have been released. I have seen those and read the book. An amazing story,full of insight, in my opinion.

You can criticize Ayn Rand all you want, I’m just taken back by what I see today and what she visualized.

Because in 1957 when  Atlas Shrugged was published these progressive ideas had already take root.

For the last several days I’ve been constructing shelves and organizing provisions to get the best handle on what we have. To me there is no time like now to make ready. Big government has every intention of controlling  our lives and you can control your life better if you know the 37 food items sold out after a crisis.

Don’t waste time storing things you don’t need and very likely can’t use in a  crisis.

Getting back to Blitz, the Oklahoma gasoline can manufacturer. Some say Blitz is liable for damages:

K. Lidsay Rekers, Esq. says: “it is important that you gather all of the facts on the issue before passing judgment on the individuals.”

Read her article and comment below how you feel. It’s like your listening to Wesley Mouch, the lobbyist hired by Hank Rearden (more Atlas Shrugged stuff).

I wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth. Just thoughts in your head.

Tell me your thoughts below. And find out what the 37 Food Items Sold Out After a Crisis  really are so you can get them ahead of time before the shelves go empty.