Build Your Own Navy Seal Survival Kit

Seal Team Six

You know that to be prepared is just being sensible. To worry about what others think regarding your preparation is nonsense.

The only thing we should be thinking about is how and when to be prepared. The market is flooded with information and supplies.  Everyone has a different idea about what and how.

Hears a little nugget of thought. Don’t worry about getting the perfect whatever.  Just get started! Just do it! Just get going, get something and get something soon!

If you’d like a little guide in finding the ultimate survival kit, ask yourself who has spent the most money and tested to the extreme to find the most needed supplies to survive and walk away from a crisis?  Why it’s you and me the tax payer. Funding the Navy’s Seal Team Six.

And now you can fill your bug-out bag with the same stuff as Seal Team 6

Check out the list:

You’re a SEAL Stranded in Hostile Territory: What’s in Your Survival


Courtesy of a Fed solicitation for new kits for the “Personnel Recovery and Survival Kit,” for the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, we get a glance of what SEAL Team 6 needs, just in case. Via Time. SEALs aren’t

Get educated. Do some research, but don’t think you have to know it all to protect yourself and your family.  Another great great way to look and shop for Bugout Bag Essentials. Learn to survive using the best tools and techniques.

Hears To Your Survival.