Fire Bunkers Saving Lives

01362762873_137-3760.jpgFires are a real threat that looms in everyone’s doorstep. One can never be too careful about fire prevention management as well as fire protection. A bush fire is a real threat and should not be taken lightly.

You need to secure your safety by taking on vital protection measures to protect your loved ones and your assets. Fire bunkers are your ultimate solution to safeguard your family against fires and its imminent hazards.

Fire bunkers are one of the great innovations to safeguard your family in the event of a fire. It provides you with an avenue of escape in case of engulfment and protects your loved ones from the perils of combustion and carbon monoxide poisoning. These gasses cause toxic effects to your body and it is important to make sure that the fire bunker that you invest in is form fitted to protect you from the effects of fumes.

These units come equipped with an ample air supply which can sustain up to five adults for up to five hours. This air supply is independent from external resources so you can be assured of clean breathable oxygen for the duration of the fire storm.

Your safety is a sure step with the fire shelter’s pre cast reinforced concrete structure. This allows you complete protection for a three hour fire rating. This is the only guaranteed bush fire protection for your family and should be a requirement for any home in the suburbs and those situated in areas with surrounding forestation.

With its superior structure and durability, fire shelters can serve an alternate function for your family such as a guaranteed protective storage unit during the winter for supplies.
With Australia’s track record for natural disasters, preparing for fire storms and other related disasters should take no alternative.

Fire bunkers are your only sound and safe choice to safeguard your loved ones against such a cataclysmic event.  Migration during a fire storm is out of the question; prepare your family by taking advantage of fire bunkers.  Fire bunkers that are custom engineered and are fitted to Australian Standards so you can be assured of a sound investment which can potentially save your life.