Bug Out Exercise on a Budget

21362762716_24775-427938895560-594955560-554426.jpgEvery survival conscious family should perform some sort of practice exercise several times per year. This is actually the only way that you will know if you are weak in an area of preparedness. Bugging out before an event occurs is not only a wise decision but essential to ensure your families safety.
Unfortunately in today economy it is not always financially possible to take many of these bug out exercises. For the average family today the extra money simply is not there. The high cost associated with traveling has all survivalists wondering if they can actually afford to complete their necessary bug out exercises.
In many cases you can try to combine a short camping trip with a yearly family vacation. This is one way to “kill two birds with one stone”. When planning your activities you may wish to consider using one of the inexpensive camp grounds in your state parks or even one of the national forests or parks.
The cost is usually in the range of $15 to $25 dollars per night. Security is generally not a major concern since most have some sort of park ranger readily available. If you are using a tent you will find that there are accommodations included in each site for fire pits, charcoal grills while most include a picnic table. Most parks have a means of showering and enclosed bathroom facilities. Drinking water is easily obtained although in an exercise you may wish to bring your own in order to get some idea of how much you will require in an actual emergency.
If you are going all out and planning to survive off the land for several days you can always find the parks have easy access to a lake or river. Fishing is usually very good at these locations.
These types of combined activities offer many opportunities to learn more about nature and how you can survive with her in an emergency situation.
You probably have just about all the gear that would be necessary for such a venture. If you do not a complete camping setup could be obtained for less then $500 dollars. As an example for a family of four you should try to obtain a tent which would sleep six. There is no sense in being cramped. A suitable tent could cost you approximately 200 dollars.
The next item that you will require is sleeping bags. Here you have two choices. You can make a determination that the bags will not be used in a winter bug out situation and get the less expensive units or you can be safe and purchase the all weather ones. I can not read the minds of America’s foes so I do not know when they may decide to attack us nor am I able to determine if and when Mother Nature plans some serious effects on us. In that case I personally would select the all season ones. The less expensive bags can run you as little as $50 dollars. At the same time do not forget the pad and if you so desire a cot to place the sleeping bag on. You can add another $10 to $30 dollars for the pad and about $25 for the cot.
Even though your campsite will have a grill for cooking you may wish to obtain your own camp stove. In an actual bug out crisis you may not be in an established camp ground. You will need dishes, pots, skillet and cooking utensils as well. A 2-burner stove which operates on propane will cost approximately $35 to $80 dollars. To this figure you can add $2 to $3 dollars for additional propane cylinders. Each cylinder may last you for about one week so you can judge the number you will need from that.
Keeping drinks cold is always difficult in a bug out scenario. You will naturally need some sort of cooler. You will want one which is large enough to hold drinks for the whole family. Since I realize that ice may not be available in an emergency I have invested in a 12 volt cooler which operates off of the car battery. We have used this cooler several times and it works great. They generally can be found for less then $100 dollars.
As you can see it isn’t a complete bug out but you can learn a lot about where your weaknesses may lie by merely combining a vacation with bugging out. All you will need now is your survival food and the fees for the campground and gasoline.
Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish