What is a Bug Out Bag?

01362762716_img-1016.jpgA bug out bag is an emergency gear kit you can build and keep ready to go at a moment’s notice if disaster comes your way. Why do you need one? Simply put, because no one is going to come and rescue you. When disaster strikes, there will be too much going on, and too few resources for any government agency to take care of everyone. Don’t depend on them. Instead, build a bug out bag and take care of yourself and your family.
A bug out bag, sometimes called a “Go Bag,” is just a bag that you have packed with emergency gear. A backpack is typically used, because it’s really easy to carry, but shoulder bags and duffel bags can be used too. You’ll need to fill it with enough gear to get you through three days, at which time you should be in a safer location — away from the disaster. That’s really why it’s called a bug out bag…because you use it to bug out of the area.
What Kinds of Things Should You Put in Your Bug Out Bag?
Think of the basic necessities first, and then go from there. You’ll need items like food, water, first aid supplies, something to keep you warm and dry, and similar items. Soap is important, and should be in your first aid supplies. Beyond the basics that everyone will need, you should pack items that you, personally, will need. I’m talking about medication, important documents, feminine hygiene products, and anything else that you will really need to have with you in a disaster situation.
Where Should You Keep a Bug Out Bag?
The best place to keep your emergency gear is to place it where you can get to it quickly. In your home, it’s best to put it somewhere both easy to get to, and out of the way.
A closet or under a bed are both good places. Just take a look at your own place and figure out the best place to put it. Just make sure you can get to it if you have to. Don’t put it in a closet, and then pile a bunch of junk on it over the coming months. If you ever need it, your bag will be hard to get to.
Additional Considerations
How many people live in your household, and do they have any special needs? Kids, the elderly, dogs, and so on will need special considerations. You might need to pack a gear kit for them and carry it, or just make a kit for them that they can carry. Pay attention to everyone under your care, and plan accordingly.
If you are out away from your home a lot, you should consider putting a kit in your car. Your trunk is a great place to put some more emergency supplies, and it won’t weigh you down like an extra heavy backpack.
A bug out bag is a simple way to be prepared and keep some measure of comfort if disaster strikes in your area. Be prepared and build a bug out bag.