Abandoned Vehicle Provides Necessities

Abandoned Car On Beach

First Come First Survive

Well it can’t have been abandoned too long or most the good stuff will have disappeared. We had a rig sit for a few days and the pack rats ate the wiring. Bound to be some two legged pack rats out there also.

In the video below two guys are stripping out an abandoned VW bug. Could it ever happen that one day you would be stranded in such a way that you would have to strip your brand new SUV or whatever you drive for basic survival materials?

Even if your equipped with the most up to date bug out bag, some of this stuff would come in handy.

Watching this video (link below) gives you a little perspective into what you could salvage and it use versus what to leave behind.

How To Turn A Broken Car Into A Survival Super Market – Survival Life

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You should be riding around with survival gear in your vehicle. Period. But just in case But just in case you get caught empty handed, it doesn’t hurt to know about the useful pieces you can scavenge from a vehicle to help you survive. Now I understand …. You can use an ordinary AM radio, which far surpasses the sensitivity of the very best radios of 100 years ago. Such a system A headlight’s parabolic reflector might be useful as a solar fire-starter. A windshield

Seems silly now. Perspective has a nasty way of changing when you come face to face with a nasty crisis. Constantly placing your back to the wall and visualizing the way out doesn’t necessarily make you a paranoid person, but does give you a leg up when needed.